Mistress Coldfire is the name you call me. I've been in the lifestyle since a young adult to now.  My sexuality and sensuality is beyond my age, and quite very mature. I have wealth of experience in dominatrix lifestyle - as a Domme only and continue to learn as I go on.

I'm deaf and fluent in American Sign Language (ASL). I can read lips - one way or the other. Just because I'm deaf does not stop me from allowing you to live out your darkest fantasies. My brain empowers me to be anything I CAN be, except to be a gun-toting criminal!!

I've NEVER heard one compliant from my hearing slaves/subs/switches at all. I LIKE nothing more than watching the body language of YOU! It's your reaction that excites me, and lets me know that you are enjoying your fantasies above and beyond. Don't ever let my deafness stop you from whispering my name. I will know if you don't say my name. It's for me to know, and for you to find out...eventually. 

I'm also a bisexual which means I love being able to provide sexual fantasies to men and women. I love being able to have best of both worlds.

 Yahoo Messenger: Mistressx44